About Us

About Us

With our expert staff, we serve our domestic and foreign clients in various fields. We determine the basic principle to achieve timely and accurate results by establishing full control over the subject in theory and practice with a serious and intense effort that can remove the heavy responsibility of being an attorney or a lawyer.

We choose our contribution to the struggle to prevent loss of rights and seek remedies, with professional knowledge, enthusiasm, humanitarian and professional ethics as a reference.

Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Citizenship Law and Foreigners Law are the areas we serve with expert knowledge.

In recent years, as a result of the largest migration movement in its history, millions of foreigners have come to our country and settled. The war and radical political-economic changes, conflicts in our region increase the possibility of encountering new migration waves. For this reason, there is a serious increase in administrative and judicial affairs and transactions regarding foreigners.

On the other hand, the practice of acquiring citizenship, which exists in many countries of the world, with the exceptional means of economic development, has also been rearranged in our country in a comprehensive manner. Demands to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Exceptional Way by purchasing more immovables compared to other roads have increased extraordinarily.

Our office has focused on Foreigners Law and Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Exceptional Way, based on the experience in the field of Administrative Law.

With our experience, excitement and dynamism, we continue our activities in a stable manner.